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NY governor authorizes medical marijuana
New York (AFP) - New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday he will authorize the medical use of marijuana, making his the 21st US state to do so and one of the biggest. Cuomo, ...
09-01-2014Read more
BLOOMBERG 2/3/2014 Twenty states plus the District of Columbia now allow sales of medicinal marijuana, allowing pot prescriptions to treat pretty much any malady, from a headache to a hangnail. C...
03-02-2014Read more
The federal government places pot in the same category as heroin and ecstasy as a schedule 1 controlled substance – a drug with high potential for abuse but no accepted medical use.In a letter...
14-02-2014Read more

Mission Statement

Cannabis Business University and CANNABIZ, INC are dedicated to providing a first class education to the medical marijuana community through an innovative online curriculum.

At Cannabis Business University we foster entrepreneurial growth by helping students obtain the knowledge, skills and support necessary to succeed in the Cannabis, Medicinal Marijuana, and Hemp markets.


Cannabis Business University is setting the Gold Standard in education & training. Our Board of Directors, Advisory Consultants, Professors, Medical & Legal Experts, along with our highly experienced business management team are currently developing a curriculum based on experience and education to provide training and facilitation of career, business, health and wellness opportunities.

The current informational environment has incomplete information and Cannabis Business University is here to fix that. We know that there are topics pertaining to medical marijuana that are not clearly articulated in books or web tutorials and we want to fill those informational gaps for our students.

At CannaBizU we have designed the curriculum in order to provide our Students and Alumni the tools necessary to compete in all aspects of business, industry, commerce and wellness of this earthen natural resource from.

CBU Commitment

Here at Cannabis Business University we know that knowledge is power. We are committed to providing the highest quality information on a diverse range of subjects relating to the medical marijuana and hemp industries (i.e. grow FAQ, news, etc).

Cannabis Business University will achieve success by establishing itself as a leader in R&D, Communication, Networking and providing the Education and Solutions to the eminent industry as it develops.


Impaired Driving Bill Draws Opposition From Medical Marijuana Users
The House Judiciary Committee also heard testimony today on Representative Ken Peterson’s bill which aims to make it illegal to drive while on any d...Read more
Mich court bars sale of medical marijuana
x DETROIT—Medical marijuana cannot be sold through private shops, the Michigan appeals court said Wednesday in a major decision that strikes at b...Read more
High Minded: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace My Stoner Lifestyle
Tess Lynch, Writer - The first time I blogged about pot, I sweated for the next few hours waiting for an email to appear in my inbox from the F...Read more
End the Pot Arrests Now
Steve Bloom – Celebrity Stoner At the Cannabis Peace Rally in New York's Foley Square on May 7 many issues were discussed during the day, but one s...Read more
NORML’s Weekly Legislative Round Up — Vermont Approves Dispensaries, Connecticut One Vote Away From Decriminalization
by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy DirectorConnecticut: Immediate action is needed in the Nutmeg State. Members of the state Senate on ...Read more
Feds Move To Silence Platshorn, Derail The Silver Tour
Robert Platshorn spreads the truth about cannabis through The Silver Tour. Now the federal government has moved to silence him Federa...Read more
State representative, billionaire team up to put medical marijuana on 2012 ballot
By Tracey ReadNew-Hearald After the first time he was on CNN talking about medical marijuana, state Rep. Kenny Yuko got a call from an 80-yea...Read more
ISRAEL TREATS PTSD with THC! One Mitzvah at a time!
It's so logical. It's so geometrical, so spatial... Live Long & Prosper! Women suffering from post-traumatic stress as a result of sexual assau...Read more
  In a surprising memo(see below), New York Police Comissioner Ray Kelly has instructed his officers to not coerce citizens they stop in...Read more
House votes to allow banks to deal with marijuana-related businesses
Published July 16, 2014 Associated Press WASHINGTON –  The House voted Wednesday in support of making it easier for banks to do busines...Read more
Medical Marijuana: Will Jovan Jackson Get a New Trial?
Medical Marijuana Patient Advocates Fight for New Trial in San Diego Dispensary CaseDistrict attorney & court use double jeopardy, deny defense to...Read more
Medical Marijuana School Is Snuffed Out! State Orders Greenway University To Stop Teaching, Refund Students
DENVER -- The nation's first-ever state certified medical marijuana training school has been suspended. Greenway University in Denver offered course...Read more
Remember Marijuana POWs This Holiday Season
As the holiday season gets into full swing, I am again reminded to count my blessings. One of the most precious blessings is my freedom. I can go whe...Read more
Snoop Dogg To Texas Sheriff Who Arrested Willie Nelson: 'Leave Willie The Fu*k Alone!
Another day, another way for Snoop Dogg to tell the world how much he loves smokin' deh weed.This time, though, he's not speaking for himself. Not eve...Read more
Higher Learning
USA — This is what a medical-marijuana class looks like. Twenty-five or so students–men, women, young, middle-aged–listen attentively as an inst...Read more
Arizona Police Can Do Little To Prepare For States New Pot Law
With state health officials still designing rules to regulate the cultivation, distribution and possession of medical marijuana, police departments in...Read more
Marijuana banking plan advances in Colorado
Associated Press DENVER — A divisive plan to create the world’s first financial system for marijuana came back to life in the Colorado Legislat...Read more
The rush for medical marijuana licenses in Arizona
PHOENIX (AP) -- Arizona officials are getting ready for a pot rush. Voters approved a ballot measure legalizing medical marijuana. Now, officials exp...Read more
Medical-Marijuana Advocates Seeking Society’s Approval
The liquid inside the test tube is neon green, the color of lime Kool-Aid or the mad-scientist potions found only in comic books.  Perhaps it’s...Read more
  Come see me "GRANDPA CLIFF" at "The HIGH TIMES CANNABIS CUP" in Denver, Colorado 4/20/2013 @ THE SILVER TOUR - BOOTH #E-45 next weekend and ...Read more
The consumption of cannabis, even long-term, poses few adverse effects on cognitive performance, according to clinical trial data to be published in...Read more
Marijuana Legalization Could Save U.S. $13.7 Billion Per Year, 300 Economists Say
Huffington Post   More than 300 economists, including three nobel laureates, have signed a petition calling attention to the findings ...Read more
Reefer Madness: Alive And Well In The Federal Government!
NORML PSA: Ask Rep Lamar Smith to Give Ending Fed. Marijuana Prohibition Act a Hearing! By: Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Coordinator Almost ...Read more
Veteran forms cooperative of medical marijuana growers
MICHAEL SHEPHERD, KENNEBEC JOURNALRobert Rosso is a state licensed medical marijuana grower and runs his operation in the Windham area. He inspects ...Read more
State Senate OKs Medical Marijuana Bill
The Delaware Senate sent Gov. Jack Markell legislation late this afternoon that would make Delaware the 16th state to legalize marijuana use for ...Read more
The New York Times Says It's High Time We Legalize Weed
The New York Times unveiled in the Sunday Review today the first editorial in a series emphatically encouraging the legalization of marijuana in Ameri...Read more
What Legal Marijuana Means For Colorado: Common Questions And Answers About The Passage Of Amendment 64
Last week Gov. John Hickenlooper signed Amendment 64 into the state constitution making marijuana officially legal in Colorado. Just days...Read more
Budding businesses can’t bank on marijuana: Cash-only trade raises fears Click here to zoom...
PORT TOWNSEND –– Every day, Gracen Hook takes stacks of cash from his medical marijuana businesses to a secret, off-site storage facility. He st...Read more
Delaware Gov. Jack Markell signs law allowing medical marijuana
Written by CHAD LIVENGOOD The News Journal Regulatory, licensing process begins for three dispensariesGov. Jack Markell signed legislation Friday le...Read more
Medical marijuana to be taxed in Arizona
PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona soon will be taxing a new product — medical marijuana. The tax on medical marijuana will be the same as taxing any other p...Read more

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