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The New York Times Says It's High Time We Legalize Weed
The New York Times unveiled in the Sunday Review today the first editorial in a series emphatically encouraging the legalization of marijuana in America.After Times columnist Maureen Dowd briefly dabb...
02-08-2014Read more
House votes to allow banks to deal with marijuana-related businesses
Published July 16, 2014 Associated Press WASHINGTON –  The House voted Wednesday in support of making it easier for banks to do business with legal pot shops and providers of medical ma...
18-07-2014Read more
NFL Seeks Right Answer For Marijuana Use
By EDDIE PELLS, Associated PressMarijuana is casting an ever-thickening haze across NFL locker rooms, and it’s not simply because more players are using it.As attitudes toward the drug soften, a...
16-08-2014Read more

Mission Statement

Cannabis Business University and CANNABIZ, INC are dedicated to providing a first class education to the medical marijuana community through an innovative online curriculum.

At Cannabis Business University we foster entrepreneurial growth by helping students obtain the knowledge, skills and support necessary to succeed in the Cannabis, Medicinal Marijuana, and Hemp markets.


Cannabis Business University is setting the Gold Standard in education & training. Our Board of Directors, Advisory Consultants, Professors, Medical & Legal Experts, along with our highly experienced business management team are currently developing a curriculum based on experience and education to provide training and facilitation of career, business, health and wellness opportunities.

The current informational environment has incomplete information and Cannabis Business University is here to fix that. We know that there are topics pertaining to medical marijuana that are not clearly articulated in books or web tutorials and we want to fill those informational gaps for our students.

At CannaBizU we have designed the curriculum in order to provide our Students and Alumni the tools necessary to compete in all aspects of business, industry, commerce and wellness of this earthen natural resource from.

CBU Commitment

Here at Cannabis Business University we know that knowledge is power. We are committed to providing the highest quality information on a diverse range of subjects relating to the medical marijuana and hemp industries (i.e. grow FAQ, news, etc).

Cannabis Business University will achieve success by establishing itself as a leader in R&D, Communication, Networking and providing the Education and Solutions to the eminent industry as it develops.


Dangers of synthetic marijuana available to public
For some, Miley Cyrus smoking salvia on her 18th birthday is simply a case of "if your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do it, too?" and thus eas...Read more
Medical Marijuana: Who's Looking Out for Consumer Safety? Find Your Bud on Weedmaps
Within seconds, the Weedmaps app finds a user's nearest dispensaries for medical marijuana. It is a remarkable change for anyone who rem...Read more
Montel Williams Lobbies for Medical Marijuana in Md.
A week before Maryland state legislators were set to consider whether medical marijuana should be legal in Maryland, television personality Montel Wil...Read more
Arizona Police Can Do Little To Prepare For States New Pot Law
With state health officials still designing rules to regulate the cultivation, distribution and possession of medical marijuana, police departments in...Read more
Higher Learning
USA — This is what a medical-marijuana class looks like. Twenty-five or so students–men, women, young, middle-aged–listen attentively as an inst...Read more
Pot Dispensary Donates Food By The Ton
Granny Purps stocked Second Harvest pantry with nearly 11,000 pounds of food donated by medical marijuana customersPhil Hicks has discovered the secre...Read more
'Pot Is the New Gay',Ethan Nadelmann
Speaking on Real Time with Bill Maher, Drug Policy Alliance executive director Ethan Nadelmann professed that politically, "Pot is the new g...Read more
3 Men and Pot – How cannabis became illegal - The untold story - By Marcus Romo
For much of this country’s history hemp has been held as an agricultural commodity. Understanding the diversity of such a plant, farmers in the Ja...Read more
Drs Successfully Treat OCD with MMJ
Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) is basically an anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts that produce apprehension, fear, uneasi...Read more
Obama Still Targeting Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
Opinion by The Volokh Conspiracy in Politics By Jonathan H. Adler In 2009, the Obama Administration announced a new federal policy regarding mar...Read more
Number of medical marijuana users in Hawaii jumps
Number of medical marijuana users in Hawaii jumps KAILUA-KONA, Hawaii (AP) - The number of medical marijuana users in Hawaii has jumped to more than ...Read more
State Medical Marijuana Centers Get Green Light
RI — The Rhode Island General Assembly passed a bill last month to allow the creation of up to three state-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries, ...Read more
Cigarette Smoke Jolts Hundreds of Genes, Researchers Say
Doctors have long noticed a link between smoking and cancers found in organs beside the lungs, including kidney, colon and bladder cancers. Now, a ne...Read more
The New York Times Says It's High Time We Legalize Weed
The New York Times unveiled in the Sunday Review today the first editorial in a series emphatically encouraging the legalization of marijuana in Ameri...Read more
Medical marijuana to treat PTSD? Army personnel form MMJ advisory board
In September, Colorado's health department rejected the use of medical marijuana to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, a common affliction for...Read more
Ending Marijuana Prohibition Starts With You
This Is What Your Government Thinks About Marijuana It's staggering to realize that the Republican policies of the Bush era are not very different ...Read more
SHUT UP! sez, Tommy Chong to US Drug Czar as Medical MARIJUANA Debate HEATS UP!
President Obama, with one quick signature, could remove a huge hurdle in the war on drugs, marijuana icon Tommy Chong said Friday on CNN. Minutes b...Read more
What is the Difference between Indica vs Sativa Cannabis?
What kind of high will I get from indica vs sativa? Indica use creates a “couch-lock”, I-don’t-want-to-move-a-muscle type high. Using ...Read more
Gov. Cuomo Calls for Reform: Marijuana Arrests That 'Stigmatize and Criminalize... Must End Now'
Huffington Post -  In his State of the State address on Wednesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo made a passionate call to reform New York's marijuana p...Read more
Colorado doctor accused of faulty medical-pot recommendation, may lose license
Colorado doctor accused of faulty medical-pot recommendation, may lose license A doctor accused of approving medical marijuana for a woman six months...Read more
At Least 1 – 1.5 Million Americans are Legal Medical Marijuana Patients Market for these patients in sixteen states and D.C. estimated at between $2 – $6 billion annually
Between one to one-and-a-half million people are legally authorized by their state to use marijuana in the United States, according to data compiled...Read more
Delaware Gov. Jack Markell signs law allowing medical marijuana
Written by CHAD LIVENGOOD The News Journal Regulatory, licensing process begins for three dispensariesGov. Jack Markell signed legislation Friday le...Read more
Decreased prevalence of diabetes in marijuana users: cross-sectional data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) III
Marijuana fights diabetes, cancer, dementia and more. Once again we see evidence that marijuana helps to improve and protect human health. Both THC ...Read more
Steamboat mom sees results from giving autistic son medical marijuana
Steamboat Springs - A Steamboat Springs parent uses medical marijuana to treat her 13-year-old son's autism.Babette Dickson said she's seen positive...Read more
Medical Marijuana State Action in 2014
Reviewed by Michael W. Smith, MDApril 2, 2014 -- Medical marijuana moved up the legislative agenda in many states this year -- even in the most co...Read more
Remember Marijuana POWs This Holiday Season
As the holiday season gets into full swing, I am again reminded to count my blessings. One of the most precious blessings is my freedom. I can go whe...Read more
Gary Johnson: 'Marijuana Is a Lot Safer Than Alcohol'
Republican prez hopeful Gary Johnson spent considerable time addressing drug policy issues during his interview with Fox's Sean Hannity on May 27. "W...Read more
Advocates File Lawsuit Demanding Federal Government Assess Medical Value Of Cannabis
A coalition of public interest advocacy groups filed suit today in the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to compel the Obama administra...Read more
After 40 years, $1 trillion, US War on Drugs has failed to meet any of its goals
Published: June 02, 2011 NEW YORK (AP) -- A high-level international panel slammed the war on drugs as a failure Thursday and called on governments t...Read more
Dispensaries: Health Centers or Drug Sellers? As money flows, medical marijuana providers face scrutiny from police and the IRS
By Zusha Elinson Medical marijuana dispensaries try hard to maintain the appearance that they are nonprofit health centers. Customers are referred to...Read more

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