• Freedom Leaf, The Marijuana Legalization Company, is a multi-media,”movement marketing,” art, fashion, lifestyle and entertainment company designed to empower a network of activists in the US and around the world . As a result, our brands will be rightly identified with the success of the drive to end marijuana prohibition. We will begin by supporting NORML the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, the oldest and most respected legalization organization in the US and Students for Sensible Drug Policy SSDP the only international network of students dedicated to ending the war on drugs Our web sites and publications will be designed by and for the activists, making it possible for them to build a career in freedom, selling Freedom Leaf products and services.
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BLOOMBERG 2/3/2014 Twenty states plus the District of Columbia now allow sales of medicinal marijuana, allowing pot prescriptions to treat pretty much any malady, from a headache to a hangnail. C...
03-02-2014Read more
Colorado Marijuana Banking Proposal Gets Tentative Approval in House
by REUTERS May 5th 2014 DENVER, CO — Colorado lawmakers on Friday passed a bill that if enacted would lead to the first marijuana financial system in the United States, potentially granting legal...
05-05-2014Read more
Marijuana banking plan advances in Colorado
Associated Press DENVER — A divisive plan to create the world’s first financial system for marijuana came back to life in the Colorado Legislature Friday, when lawmakers revived a bill sponsors...
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Mission Statement

Cannabis Business University and CANNABIZ, INC are dedicated to providing a first class education to the medical marijuana community through an innovative online curriculum.

At Cannabis Business University we foster entrepreneurial growth by helping students obtain the knowledge, skills and support necessary to succeed in the Cannabis, Medicinal Marijuana, and Hemp markets.


Cannabis Business University is setting the Gold Standard in education & training. Our Board of Directors, Advisory Consultants, Professors, Medical & Legal Experts, along with our highly experienced business management team are currently developing a curriculum based on experience and education to provide training and facilitation of career, business, health and wellness opportunities.

The current informational environment has incomplete information and Cannabis Business University is here to fix that. We know that there are topics pertaining to medical marijuana that are not clearly articulated in books or web tutorials and we want to fill those informational gaps for our students.

At CannaBizU we have designed the curriculum in order to provide our Students and Alumni the tools necessary to compete in all aspects of business, industry, commerce and wellness of this earthen natural resource from.

CBU Commitment

Here at Cannabis Business University we know that knowledge is power. We are committed to providing the highest quality information on a diverse range of subjects relating to the medical marijuana and hemp industries (i.e. grow FAQ, news, etc).

Cannabis Business University will achieve success by establishing itself as a leader in R&D, Communication, Networking and providing the Education and Solutions to the eminent industry as it develops.


After the 2010 elections, where in the US is medical marijuana legal?
Marijuana legislation varies from state to state. Before the November 2010 election, medical marijuana was legal in 14 states and Washington, DC. But ...Read more
Idaho lawmaker introduces medical marijuana bill
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A northern Idaho lawmaker has introduced a bill to legalize medical marijuana in the state. Republican Rep. Tom Trail of Moscow...Read more
Italian Restaurant wants to Legalize Marinara!
Austin, TXThe Italian food restaurant chain Carino's is catering to the munchies crowd with an ad campaign that calls for the legalization of marinar...Read more
Michelle Malkin: Conservative hero and marijuana advocate
The author talks on legal weed, Bill O'Reilly, states' rights, Ayn Rand, Denver's 420 Rally, Tim Russert and her first pot shop PUBLISHED: MAY 16...Read more
  In a surprising memo(see below), New York Police Comissioner Ray Kelly has instructed his officers to not coerce citizens they stop in...Read more
JUST SAY NOW! 82% of Voters in Florida back Medical Marijuana
Michael Budzynski is pictured with his mother Marilyn at home in Eustis, Fl. on Friday, September 6, 2013. The 20 year old suffers from Dravet's S...Read more
Always on my Mind! Willie Nelson urges everyone to Support Marijuana Legalization with latest Public Service Announcement for NORML
  Today, a bi-partisan group of representatives introduced the first federal bill since 1937 aimed at ending marijuana prohibition. To coincid...Read more
Judge Rejects LA Ordinance Limiting Pot Dispensaries
Los Angeles - A judge issued an injunction today blocking major portions of Los Angeles' medical marijuana ordinance, but a councilman vowed to enact ...Read more
Florida Mom treats cancer-ravaged daughter with whole plant medical marijuana
A Bay area mother will start treating her cancer-ravaged daughter with whole plant medical marijuana even though we are two months away from the a...Read more
Arizona Police Can Do Little To Prepare For States New Pot Law
With state health officials still designing rules to regulate the cultivation, distribution and possession of medical marijuana, police departments in...Read more
Fake pot poses real danger for teens
New Jersey - There is a new concern for parents of New Jersey teens — imitation marijuana that is being sold legally here to anyone of any age. Mo...Read more
Bill Would Legalize Marijuana As Therapeutic Option
They’re lighting up joints in Bryn Mawr and Squirrel Hill after putting the kids to bed. At Abay, an ultra-hip eatery in East Liberty, pro-medical...Read more
Governor Schwarzenegger Signs Bill to Reduce Marijuana Penalties in California
Governor Schwarzenegger Signs Bill to Reduce Marijuana Penalties in California Bonnie King The new bill changes marijuana possession ...Read more
Veteran forms cooperative of medical marijuana growers
MICHAEL SHEPHERD, KENNEBEC JOURNALRobert Rosso is a state licensed medical marijuana grower and runs his operation in the Windham area. He inspects ...Read more
Can Medical Marijuana Survive in Washington State?
Legalization in the Evergreen State has led to parallel marijuana industries. Is there room for both? On July 24, nearly nine months after Washin...Read more
After 40 years, $1 trillion, US War on Drugs has failed to meet any of its goals
Published: June 02, 2011 NEW YORK (AP) -- A high-level international panel slammed the war on drugs as a failure Thursday and called on governments t...Read more
High in Amsterdam: CelebStoners Kid Cudi & Shia LaBeouf
Richard Branson joined 18 other world leaders Thursday in calling for "fundamental reforms in national and global drug control policies." Comparin...Read more
ISRAEL TREATS PTSD with THC! One Mitzvah at a time!
It's so logical. It's so geometrical, so spatial... Live Long & Prosper! Women suffering from post-traumatic stress as a result of sexual assau...Read more
Marijuana Legalization Could Save U.S. $13.7 Billion Per Year, 300 Economists Say
Huffington Post   More than 300 economists, including three nobel laureates, have signed a petition calling attention to the findings ...Read more
COULD OBAMA BE WORSE THAN BUSH??? The War On Medical Cannabis Escalates
Signaling an intensification of federal government targeting of medical marijuana providers, the four US Attorneys in California Friday announced ...Read more
        Buds, nuggets, wacky-tobaccy, stinkweed, rope, weed. No matter what you call it, marijuana is preval...Read more
14 Hawaii religious marijuana advocates indicted
HONOLULU — The founder and director of The Hawaii Cannabis Ministry and 13 associates are facing federal marijuana charges. Federal authorities tol...Read more
Florida's Janoris Jenkins cited for weed bust
It's three strikes and you're out for Janoris Jenkins, Florida's All-SEC cornerback. Rookie coach Will Muschamp dismissed Jenkins after his second wee...Read more
Next Seven States To Legalize Cannabis
  By fully legalizing marijuana through direct democracy, Colorado and Washington have fundamentally changed the national conversation about c...Read more
WAKE UP JAMAICA, Cannabis conference wants quick action on ganja decriminalisation
Cannabis Business University attended the first Jamaica Cannabis Conference May 22nd to May 24th 2014 'Wake Up Jamaica... Our Opportunities are slip...Read more
400 Mainers sign up for medical pot PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — More than 400 Mainers applied to the state for permission to be medical marijuana patients under a new state law
Starting Saturday, Mainers had to be registered with the state before legally using marijuana to ease the painful symptoms of cancer, AIDS and other m...Read more
Montel Williams Lobbies for Medical Marijuana in Md.
A week before Maryland state legislators were set to consider whether medical marijuana should be legal in Maryland, television personality Montel Wil...Read more
Hemp Rules Over Marijuana
California may voted Cannabis out in one form while Wisconsin elected to allow it for medical use but no matter how well it survives the electorate on...Read more
Remember Prohibition? It still doesn't work.
by Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director by Byron Andrus, NORML Foundation legal intern and second year law student at George Mason Un...Read more
Large marijuana growing operation busted in Portland, Gresham Hundreds of plants and pounds of pot seized
A regional drug task force has broken up an alleged large-scale marijuana growing operation, arresting four adults and seizing four vehicles, approxim...Read more

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