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Medical Marijuana State Action in 2014
Reviewed by Michael W. Smith, MDApril 2, 2014 -- Medical marijuana moved up the legislative agenda in many states this year -- even in the most conservative parts of the country.Utah became the 21...
02-04-2014Read more
How will the 'green wave' of cannabis acceptance reshape America?
Legal cannabis is raising spirits and revenues in Colorado, while helping Denver, the ‘Mile High City,’ re-earn its name. Thumbing their noses at federal lawmakers by legalizing both medical...
26-03-2014Read more
NY governor authorizes medical marijuana
New York (AFP) - New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday he will authorize the medical use of marijuana, making his the 21st US state to do so and one of the biggest. Cuomo, ...
09-01-2014Read more

Mission Statement

Cannabis Business University and CANNABIZ, INC are dedicated to providing a first class education to the medical marijuana community through an innovative online curriculum.

At Cannabis Business University we foster entrepreneurial growth by helping students obtain the knowledge, skills and support necessary to succeed in the Cannabis, Medicinal Marijuana, and Hemp markets.


Cannabis Business University is setting the Gold Standard in education & training. Our Board of Directors, Advisory Consultants, Professors, Medical & Legal Experts, along with our highly experienced business management team are currently developing a curriculum based on experience and education to provide training and facilitation of career, business, health and wellness opportunities.

The current informational environment has incomplete information and Cannabis Business University is here to fix that. We know that there are topics pertaining to medical marijuana that are not clearly articulated in books or web tutorials and we want to fill those informational gaps for our students.

At CannaBizU we have designed the curriculum in order to provide our Students and Alumni the tools necessary to compete in all aspects of business, industry, commerce and wellness of this earthen natural resource from.


Cannabis Business University past events & attendance

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CBU Commitment

Here at Cannabis Business University we know that knowledge is power. We are committed to providing the highest quality information on a diverse range of subjects relating to the medical marijuana and hemp industries (i.e. grow FAQ, news, etc).

Cannabis Business University will achieve success by establishing itself as a leader in R&D, Communication, Networking and providing the Education and Solutions to the eminent industry as it develops.


Medical Marijuana Lawsuits Divide California, Federal Government
A sticker to support proposition 19, a measure to legalize marijuana in the state of California, is seen on a power pole in San Francisco, October 2...Read more
Rodney King DUI Arrest: "I Had Medical Marijuana in me"
  Charged with DUI on Tuesday, Rodney King claims he was under the influence of medical marijuana, not alcohol. "I had marijuana in me that I ...Read more
At Least 1 – 1.5 Million Americans are Legal Medical Marijuana Patients Market for these patients in sixteen states and D.C. estimated at between $2 – $6 billion annually
Between one to one-and-a-half million people are legally authorized by their state to use marijuana in the United States, according to data compiled...Read more
State representative, billionaire team up to put medical marijuana on 2012 ballot
By Tracey ReadNew-Hearald After the first time he was on CNN talking about medical marijuana, state Rep. Kenny Yuko got a call from an 80-yea...Read more
Dreaming of the HEMP Industry in America
The United States is the world's leading consumer of hemp products—derived from the fibers of low-THC cannabis plants unsuitable for getting hig...Read more
George Soros Places Million-Dollar Bet That Marijuana Legalization Will Pass In California
George Soros put a mil on it. ​Billionaire George Soros stuffed $1 million into California's pot-legalization bowl -- for an effort that ...Read more
Medical Marijuana State Action in 2014
Reviewed by Michael W. Smith, MDApril 2, 2014 -- Medical marijuana moved up the legislative agenda in many states this year -- even in the most co...Read more
Legal Private Pot Dens popped up in 2013 allowing recreational pot use in Colorado
DENVER — With reggae music pumping in the background and flashing disco-style lights, members of the recreational pot club lit up in celebration o...Read more
Medical Marijuana in the Workplace
The House Human Services Committee today hears a bill tackling medical marijuana in the workplace. This the third bill to come from an interim commit...Read more
Judge Rejects LA Ordinance Limiting Pot Dispensaries
Los Angeles - A judge issued an injunction today blocking major portions of Los Angeles' medical marijuana ordinance, but a councilman vowed to enact ...Read more
Medical marijuana approval soaring in FL: 82% favor in Q-Pol
Miami Hearld, Marc A Caputo 11/21/2013 If a medical marijuana initiative makes Florida's ballot next year, it could pass with an astonishing 82...Read more
Fibromyalgia Chronic Pain And Medical Marijuana
Fibromyalgia yielding a variety of symptoms and particularly hard to treat. Those persons who endure fibromyalgia only 35 to 40 percent get little com...Read more
Medical marijuana to treat PTSD? Army personnel form MMJ advisory board
In September, Colorado's health department rejected the use of medical marijuana to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, a common affliction for...Read more
CANNABIS, MARIJUANA, GRASS, WEED, POT, REEFER, HEMP - IT IS TIME! - Medicalization, Decriminalization, and/or Legalization!
House lawmakers introduced legislation in Congress today to end the federal criminalization of the personal use of marijuana. The bipartisan measur...Read more
JUST SAY NOW! 82% of Voters in Florida back Medical Marijuana
Michael Budzynski is pictured with his mother Marilyn at home in Eustis, Fl. on Friday, September 6, 2013. The 20 year old suffers from Dravet's S...Read more
Impaired Driving Bill Draws Opposition From Medical Marijuana Users
The House Judiciary Committee also heard testimony today on Representative Ken Peterson’s bill which aims to make it illegal to drive while on any d...Read more
Medical Marijuana: Will Jovan Jackson Get a New Trial?
Medical Marijuana Patient Advocates Fight for New Trial in San Diego Dispensary CaseDistrict attorney & court use double jeopardy, deny defense to...Read more
Mich court bars sale of medical marijuana
x DETROIT—Medical marijuana cannot be sold through private shops, the Michigan appeals court said Wednesday in a major decision that strikes at b...Read more
NORML’s Weekly Legislative Round Up — Vermont Approves Dispensaries, Connecticut One Vote Away From Decriminalization
by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy DirectorConnecticut: Immediate action is needed in the Nutmeg State. Members of the state Senate on ...Read more
Florida's Janoris Jenkins cited for weed bust
It's three strikes and you're out for Janoris Jenkins, Florida's All-SEC cornerback. Rookie coach Will Muschamp dismissed Jenkins after his second wee...Read more
Reality series to focus on Oakland medical marijuana facility
  By Chuck Barney Contra Costa Times The Discovery Channel announced today that it will produce a reality series about Oakland's Harborside H...Read more
Montel Williams in LA to discuss Medical Cannabis Ordinance (MCO)
Talk show host and medical cannabis patient Montel Williams told the Los Angeles City Council on Friday that an amendment to the city’s Medical Cann...Read more
Obama Still Targeting Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
Opinion by The Volokh Conspiracy in Politics By Jonathan H. Adler In 2009, the Obama Administration announced a new federal policy regarding mar...Read more
The Long Slog to Legalizing Marijuana in the U.S. Is Just Beginning
Andrew Cohen is a contributing editor at The Atlantic - Popular support may be rising, but a ruling from a federal appeals court shows that Washing...Read more
Remember Prohibition? It still doesn't work.
by Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director by Byron Andrus, NORML Foundation legal intern and second year law student at George Mason Un...Read more
Medical cannabis activists are increasingly fighting dispensary bans at the ballot box. By David Downs Green Berets are an elite military cad...Read more
Fresh out of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, Eric Roberts is changing his tune about cannabis. In a video posted at, Roberts says:"Today w...Read more
WILLIE NELSON Top Celeb Stoner
He's a member of NORML's Board of Advisors. He's appeared on cover of High Times four times. Nelson was arrested on Nov. 26 in ...Read more
Hemp Rules Over Marijuana
California may voted Cannabis out in one form while Wisconsin elected to allow it for medical use but no matter how well it survives the electorate on...Read more
Medical Marijuana: Who's Looking Out for Consumer Safety? Find Your Bud on Weedmaps
Within seconds, the Weedmaps app finds a user's nearest dispensaries for medical marijuana. It is a remarkable change for anyone who rem...Read more

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