• Freedom Leaf, The Marijuana Legalization Company, is a multi-media,”movement marketing,” art, fashion, lifestyle and entertainment company designed to empower a network of activists in the US and around the world . As a result, our brands will be rightly identified with the success of the drive to end marijuana prohibition. We will begin by supporting NORML the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, the oldest and most respected legalization organization in the US and Students for Sensible Drug Policy SSDP the only international network of students dedicated to ending the war on drugs Our web sites and publications will be designed by and for the activists, making it possible for them to build a career in freedom, selling Freedom Leaf products and services.
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Can Medical Marijuana Survive in Washington State?
Legalization in the Evergreen State has led to parallel marijuana industries. Is there room for both? On July 24, nearly nine months after Washington State passed Initiative 502, which legalized ...
26-11-2013Read more
The federal government places pot in the same category as heroin and ecstasy as a schedule 1 controlled substance – a drug with high potential for abuse but no accepted medical use.In a letter...
14-02-2014Read more
House votes to allow banks to deal with marijuana-related businesses
Published July 16, 2014 Associated Press WASHINGTON –  The House voted Wednesday in support of making it easier for banks to do business with legal pot shops and providers of medical ma...
18-07-2014Read more

Mission Statement

Cannabis Business University and CANNABIZ, INC are dedicated to providing a first class education to the medical marijuana community through an innovative online curriculum.

At Cannabis Business University we foster entrepreneurial growth by helping students obtain the knowledge, skills and support necessary to succeed in the Cannabis, Medicinal Marijuana, and Hemp markets.


Cannabis Business University is setting the Gold Standard in education & training. Our Board of Directors, Advisory Consultants, Professors, Medical & Legal Experts, along with our highly experienced business management team are currently developing a curriculum based on experience and education to provide training and facilitation of career, business, health and wellness opportunities.

The current informational environment has incomplete information and Cannabis Business University is here to fix that. We know that there are topics pertaining to medical marijuana that are not clearly articulated in books or web tutorials and we want to fill those informational gaps for our students.

At CannaBizU we have designed the curriculum in order to provide our Students and Alumni the tools necessary to compete in all aspects of business, industry, commerce and wellness of this earthen natural resource from.

CBU Commitment

Here at Cannabis Business University we know that knowledge is power. We are committed to providing the highest quality information on a diverse range of subjects relating to the medical marijuana and hemp industries (i.e. grow FAQ, news, etc).

Cannabis Business University will achieve success by establishing itself as a leader in R&D, Communication, Networking and providing the Education and Solutions to the eminent industry as it develops.


NJ Governor makes deal on medical marijuana regulation
TRENTON, N.J. — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie struck a deal on Dec. 3 to partially rewrite his administration’s proposed medical marijuana regu...Read more
Latest Studies Imply That Cannabinoids Are Protective Against Alcohol-Induced Brain Damage
  The administration of the synthetic cannabinoid agonist HU-211 decreases nerve cell death in an in vitro model of ethanol withdrawal...Read more
WE KNOW Prohibition Doesn’t Work: Check Out What Marijuana Prohibition Costs You As A Taxpayer
Even more outrageous than the fact that people are currently being thrown in prison solely for the sale or possession of marijuana is the amount...Read more
Impaired Driving Bill Draws Opposition From Medical Marijuana Users
The House Judiciary Committee also heard testimony today on Representative Ken Peterson’s bill which aims to make it illegal to drive while on any d...Read more
Doctor's query fixes medical pot mix-up
DR DAVID BARTON - Hawaii - By Rob Shikina The Star Advertizer, HIA Hawaii doctor's question about prescribing medical marijuana has led to a victory f...Read more
Dissection of a DEA Raid by Greggory Moore
Dissection of a DEA Raid by Greggory Moore The year is 2008, before Obama, before U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced that, although the f...Read more
Richard Branson says he asked Obama for a joint
Billionaire Virgin magnate Sir Richard Branson had a rather cheeky request for the Leader of the Free World at a White House state dinner this week....Read more
    To educate and inform seniors on the benefits and discoveries in the medical marijuana field. Encouraging cannabis activism in senio...Read more
Note To CPAC: Have A Pot Session
Pat Robertson and Vice President Joe Biden have provided conservatives an opportunity to start a conversation about marijuana legalization. Robertson ...Read more
Idaho lawmaker introduces medical marijuana bill
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A northern Idaho lawmaker has introduced a bill to legalize medical marijuana in the state. Republican Rep. Tom Trail of Moscow...Read more
Feds demand Michigan provide records on medical marijuana patients
Flint- Jenna Lyons A judge in Grand Rapids has ordered the state of Michigan to turn over medical marijuana records on several patients in the Lansi...Read more
Dr Oz Comes OUT for Marijuana! 'Hugely Beneficial!"
The Huffington Post  | by  Matt Ferner 05/14/2014 1:56 pm EDT Medical marijuana just got another celebrity doctor's public support. D...Read more
Obama administration tells N.J. to keep medical marijuana program small and controlled
By Susan K. Livio/Statehouse Bureau TRENTON — State medical marijuana programs and the people who work for them are not likely to run afoul of f...Read more
Steamboat mom sees results from giving autistic son medical marijuana
Steamboat Springs - A Steamboat Springs parent uses medical marijuana to treat her 13-year-old son's autism.Babette Dickson said she's seen positive...Read more
Michelle Malkin: Conservative hero and marijuana advocate
The author talks on legal weed, Bill O'Reilly, states' rights, Ayn Rand, Denver's 420 Rally, Tim Russert and her first pot shop PUBLISHED: MAY 16...Read more
Mich court bars sale of medical marijuana
x DETROIT—Medical marijuana cannot be sold through private shops, the Michigan appeals court said Wednesday in a major decision that strikes at b...Read more
High Minded: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace My Stoner Lifestyle
Tess Lynch, Writer - The first time I blogged about pot, I sweated for the next few hours waiting for an email to appear in my inbox from the F...Read more
At Least 1 – 1.5 Million Americans are Legal Medical Marijuana Patients Market for these patients in sixteen states and D.C. estimated at between $2 – $6 billion annually
Between one to one-and-a-half million people are legally authorized by their state to use marijuana in the United States, according to data compiled...Read more
Love it or leave it, Weeds returns tonight, commencing Season 7 of Showtime's stoner franchise. After three years, Nancy's out of jail and living in...Read more
'Pot Is the New Gay',Ethan Nadelmann
Speaking on Real Time with Bill Maher, Drug Policy Alliance executive director Ethan Nadelmann professed that politically, "Pot is the new g...Read more
Paradise Paradox: Why Life in Hawaii Leads to Early Death
By ALICE PARK Alice Park – Wed Sep 22, 9:05 am ET Most of us think of Hawaii as the perfect escape from our stressed out and fa...Read more
Hemp Rules Over Marijuana
California may voted Cannabis out in one form while Wisconsin elected to allow it for medical use but no matter how well it survives the electorate on...Read more
Dangers of synthetic marijuana available to public
For some, Miley Cyrus smoking salvia on her 18th birthday is simply a case of "if your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do it, too?" and thus eas...Read more
A Drug Arrest Every 19 Seconds, Says Latest US Data, Marijuana Arrest Totals Down Slightly
"US Arrests" FBI Uniform Crime Report arrests 1980-2010 for marijuana possession and trafficking/sales as well as for violent and property crim...Read more
The New York Times Says It's High Time We Legalize Weed
The New York Times unveiled in the Sunday Review today the first editorial in a series emphatically encouraging the legalization of marijuana in Ameri...Read more
Phil Ting Is a Buzz Kill, Talks About Extra Tax on Medical Marijuana
By Chris Roberts SF WeeklyTaxes are Phil Ting's business -- when the assessor-recorder isn't campaigning for San Francisco mayor, that is. But when ...Read more
What Legal Marijuana Means For Colorado: Common Questions And Answers About The Passage Of Amendment 64
Last week Gov. John Hickenlooper signed Amendment 64 into the state constitution making marijuana officially legal in Colorado. Just days...Read more
CANNABIS, MARIJUANA, GRASS, WEED, POT, REEFER, HEMP - IT IS TIME! - Medicalization, Decriminalization, and/or Legalization!
House lawmakers introduced legislation in Congress today to end the federal criminalization of the personal use of marijuana. The bipartisan measur...Read more
Italian Restaurant wants to Legalize Marinara!
Austin, TXThe Italian food restaurant chain Carino's is catering to the munchies crowd with an ad campaign that calls for the legalization of marinar...Read more
Governor Schwarzenegger Signs Bill to Reduce Marijuana Penalties in California
Governor Schwarzenegger Signs Bill to Reduce Marijuana Penalties in California Bonnie King The new bill changes marijuana possession ...Read more

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